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Another story says the ship -- believed to have been a three-masted schooner -- ended up there after a storm surge in the Gulf of Mexico. At this time, Galveston island was largely uninhabited, except by Native American Karankawa indians. With his business carrying on and continuing to grow, so did his wealth. the Texas Gulf Coast. We are a community-supported, non-profit organization and we humbly ask for your support because the careful and accurate recording of our history has never been more important. most well-known buried treasure mystery still to this day is the unfound Many of the alleged treasure locations below can be found in the Texas Hill Country if youre looking for socially distant daycation from San Antonio or Austin. years later! During 1957 and 1958 the most significant attempts to locate the treasure took place at the lake. Although $25,000 worth of coins and jewelry have been accounted for, no one knows where the rest of the loot went, and Collins and Bass were killed before they revealed anything. The lake is located in the extreme northeastern part of the county along the boundary between Rusk and Panola. In 1935, his son, Edward Haven Sherman, joined with Herbert Interests of Houston in a plan to excavate the wreck, which they believed was loaded with gold, but for unknown reasons it was never accomplished, The Progress newspaper reported. from oil explorers and water witchers to plain nuts.. Copyright 2023 KSAT.com is managed by Graham Digital and published by Graham Media Group, a division of Graham Holdings. which is said to contain many records and may hold the key to Frisbys buried treasure. An estimated $340 million., And as I write, the treasure hunters are out there, hunting, hunting, and hunting. It reads that a cache of ancient gold coins was found near Jefferson island. He was moving logs across the lake when they snagged on the submerged wreckage, which was then in only about 2 feet of silt, historical accounts state. The Sam Bass Loot In perhaps his greatest venture, Texass legendary stagecoach and bank robber Sam Bass traveled to Big Springs, Nebraska, with his sidekick Joel Collins and held up the Union Pacific Railroad. In related news - Art dealer Forrest Fenn revealed in June that a treasure chest he hid in the Rocky Mountains had been found. Its in the concrete shell stairs. More than once the crane almost toppled into the water. Abilene Reporter-News, June 24, 1958. Little is known about his origins, but he was probably born either in Basque-France or in the French colony Saint-Domingue. At the age of 25, Jean Laffite was living in New Orleans, operating a warehouse essential to dispersing the goods smuggled by his brother Pierre. Supposedly, it still lies buried beneath the dirt. hunt presented by Christian, Rick and Marty offer to send Matty Blake down to What they would love to find, if not the silver, are clues to the treasure at least being there. The brothers meet with a Christian Roper who is actively hunting for the lost treasure of the pirate, Jean Lafitte. If information about one of the last searchers had been documented and publicized it would likely have discouraged further similar attempts in the future. Discover New Orleans rich cultural mix. Many from the area have taken artifacts from there, including coin. They got away with three thousand freshly-minted 1877 $20 gold pieces. During the Mexican War of Independence, the Laffites served as spies for the Spanish, after moving to Galveston Island, Texas. Anahuac Jack feels certain that evidence will show that the boat belonged to Lafitte. Charles F. Grice, Interview by Gary Pinkerton, February 2019. In the early 1820s, Great Colombia under the government of Simon Bolivar had begun commissioning former privateers as officers in their newly formed navy. any leads as to where Lafittes treasure might be? At that time, the legend was that Mexican land pirates lived along the lake and dumped gold, silver, and precious stones in the lake when they were attacked by the Texans or some other forces. Tatum reportedly built a device with buckets on a conveyor and operated by steam engines to attempt to bail the water from the lake. He married Cecilia Taylor, daughter of frontiersman Anson Taylor, who lost three sons at the Alamo. Before we dive Paul Uncle Fox Tatum, son of the founder of Tatum, Texas, carried out the first documented attempt to recover the treasure in 1884. Yes I visited his home the Mason rouge in Campeche Galveston tx. that will never end. WebSpanish silver stolen by the privateer, Jean Lafitte. Here ya go Bum, Passed by it again on Tuesday. did use the words "think" before that. Back in the 1580s, Spanish conquistadors and priests often passed beneath the peaks of the Franklins on their way to New Mexico to colonize the Indian villages. But the gold and diamond jewl was the confirmation I needed. The Lagina Brothers, famous for their search for the lost treasure on Oak Island and featured in the show The Curse of Oak Island, now hosts a new show called, Taylor Prewitt is the newsletter editor for Texas Monthly. As they retreated, they headed into what is now known as Upshur County. I a month there. And he says, Treasure has a way of keeping its secrets. Despite this, no silver bars were found. Two oilmen from Texas actually brought a giant crane to the lake after getting some interesting readings from the bottom of Hendricks Lake. consisted of the currency he would receive in exchange for his foreign goods as Here are seven stories of supposed buried lost treasure in Texas. They send a probe down and it hit metal just before a giant storm hit, destroying the raft and any other evidence, according to OnlyInYourState.com. Small but made like a brick. La Belle was a French ship that sank in Matagorda Bay in 1685 after running aground in a storm. While such tales abound in historical accounts about Chambers County, Steve Hoyt, the Texas Historical Commission's marine archaeologist in Austin, says, "At this point, we can't say for sure what is down there. Galveston after his adventures in Louisiana. But a giant storm hit the area, destroying the raft and washing away all the evidence. The cousins have found buried treasure of sorts, their research has brought to life stories of pirates that come from a pivotal moment in our history when pirates became heroes. Lafitte lived on Galveston island in the state of Texas, USA - from 1817 to 1821. in south Louisianas bayous for so long, Lafitte had also become an expert with You are using an out of date browser. Maybe they can help them in their search from the insights learned from their own pursuit of the Money Pit. His headquarters was a two-story building which became known as Maison Rouge - so called as it was painted red.Around 1820, Lafitte reportedly married Madeline Regaud. Hidden gems in Texas are one of our state's greatest joys. Beyond Oak Island Summary of Episode 1: Pirate Treasures and the Search in Hendricks Lake for Jean Lafittes Lost Treasure. Bass is also tied to legends of treasure buried treasure in Burnet and Llano counties as well as Packsaddle Mountain, Lone Star Treasure reports. this mystery still has historians, researchers, and treasure hunters alike Singer & Co., which was renamed the Singer Manufacturing Company in 1865. In less than one year, Lafitte's small settlement grew to nearly 200 men and several women. Maybe well be writing about you and your discoveries in the future. John Spong writes primarily about popular culture. Another legend has it that in 1595, Juan de Oate hid five silver bars, 4,336 gold ingots, nine burro loads of jewels, and four priceless Aztec codices (books or manuscripts) in the mine. In late 1815, Lafitte agreed to act as spy for Spain, which was embroiled in the Mexican War of Independence. So read this, get up, and go after your pot of gold. WebAt the age of 25, Jean Laffite was living in New Orleans, operating a warehouse essential to dispersing the goods smuggled by his brother Pierre. Most people wrote it off as another myth until a magazine . I think yall lying about the finding treasure, Plum bayou look for trees cut down and fake grave at the end. They used 10-foot poles to outline the vessel, which measured roughly 75 feet by 35 feet, news reports stated. He was now legally authorized by Great Colombia to take Spanish ships. Christian knows his pirate history! As a backup plan, they would supply all adjacent markets with fresh fish on ice. The Galveston Daily News made light of the effort by suggesting they move their operation to the Gulf of Mexico since a good deal of wealth has been left under its waters by shipwrecks. A week after that humiliation, Paul Tatum clubbed a man to death after he made fun of Tatums attempt to drain the lake. The other went north later over seas where he was killed during WW2. Lets be honest, everybody loves a good treasure story. The Cherokees started getting their butts kicked. Sounds like the Hendricks lake treasure. There were no chests. California musician Nathan Smith might have actually found one of Texas hidden treasure troves. I'm a descendant of his first mate and so while as a general rule I love history/archeology/treasure hunting, naturally this is the treasure that interests me the most. The show starts with the Lagina brothers, Rick and Marty, sharing how their search on Oak Island opened them up to a world full of mysteries and lost treasures to explore. In 1965 a professional syndicate of treasure hunters, men who worked together at a packaging company in LeClaire, Iowa, and led by Clarence A. Jean Lafittes treasure Photo of Hendricks Lake, courtesy of Gary L. Pinkerton One particularly famous legend is that of Jean Lafittes treasure. This lake has its dangers, of course. In 1909 members of the United States Geological Survey visited the site, which they described as being unproductive. . chagrin of the locals that helped drain the swamp, there was no trace of the He was a Nobody knows for sure if all of these legends are true, but theyre interesting to read about nonetheless. Some believe it belonged to the pirate Jean Lafitte. Katie Lawrence is a Southeast Texas native who graduated 18th in her high school class with a GPA of 4.25. Meanwhile, his younger brother John was exploring the coast of Texas. His main focus is on Jean Lafittes treasure, Some historians recount that Lafitte went back to a life of crime, leaving the Get monthly email updates and the chance to win a prize. He had to take a pirogoe which is a wood boat that would have sank if all the treasure would have been on board. Here are six of the supposedly greatest Texas treasures still out there. He linked up with B.H. I always heard that an area Boat Company Owner started his business with a 5 gallon bucket of silver taken from that area. Copyright 2019 by KSAT - All rights reserved. My grandfather never got to look for the treasure s. Ive heard he would sometimes slip into Mobile Bay. They know its there. On the edge of this little-known Chambers County lake off the Trinity about 35 miles east of Houston, Jack wants to show where a ship sank in the 1800s. But alas, nothing came of it. It was a cloudy evening with low visibility, and Laffite attempted to capture what appeared to be two Spanish merchant vessels. It seem to be one less treasure for us to find. The four-mile trek into the backwaters off the Trinity River becomes strenuous as he pushes his boat over cypress stumps and cuts through debris. Beyond Oak Island Episode 2 Summary: Wild West Gold and the Search at Robbers Roost Canyon for Butch Cassidys Lost Treasure, All can be found to have a questing theme within them. and brother in the early 1800s. A family in Baytown, Texas tell their story as they believe they found one of Lafittes sunken ships. The family thinks this could be a clue as to where the actual treasure is. There is even an event in La Porte, Texas centered around the treasure called the Annual Search for Lafittes Gold. and its inlets. Other variations of the mystery say Lafitte buried the treasure in multiple Dallas Morning News, August 1, 1965. Things to do in Seabrook: A guide to Washington's cozy Coachella 2023: What to pack for a weekend in the desert, What you should wear to Disneyland in May, Your Privacy Choices (Opt Out of Sale/Targeted Ads). The silver was never recovered. But all the treasure hunters declared that I must be hiding the truth. Lafitte's men are said to have loaded the silver into wagons and given them to a trader named Nicholas Trammel to take to St. Louis. As early as next summer, Hoyt plans a preliminary investigation. One story even Get more stories delivered right to your email. Both of them had consulted with Harry Rieseberg, the self-described worlds greatest underwater treasure hunter who had written articles about the legend in treasure magazines of the time. This would later be used to his great advantage. ingots were in transport, but the Spanish had set a trap. With the threat of imprisonment "I've always been interested in the site and had it in the back of my mind but been too busy on other projects.". Some of the add-ons on this site are powered by. This information begs the question, though, How did Jean Lafitte have treasure in the first place, and if he did, why would he leave it behind?. Mysterious Writings: Featured Contributor Segment and Update, Forgotten History Hunts: Featured Contributor Segment, Privacy Policy, Disclaimer and Affiliate Disclosure. help him in his search. Forced to leave the city, Lafitte decided to set up shop on a small island in Barataria Bay, about 40 miles south of New Orleans, to continue his smuggling ways. I determined that there were maybe five that might have contained some sort of treasure. As of 2019 much of the land surrounding the lake was in the permit area for the surface mining for lignite that covers thousands of acres. The one I am thinking of was found. I still have no idea if it was really a JL marker, or if so, it treasure was ever found. Not one of them found any of the reported treasure, but that never prevented the next person from trying. He uses rain barrels to get his water. Christian Fort Worth Daily Gazette, October 3, 1884. Over the years there have been many who made a minimal effort or spent a little time at the lake only to discover that the conditions were too difficult and they had neither the time nor the money for such an undertaking. She has reported on several high-profile stories during her career at KSAT and specializes in trending news and things to do around Texas and San Antonio. Not a bad location to camp, near the river. Hendricks Lake is an oxbow lake one and one-half miles south of the Sabine River and about four miles northeast of Tatum in Rusk County, Texas (32.371864N, 94.493190W). Spanish soldiers in pursuit overtook the transport at Hendricks Lake and rather than give up the silver, the transport leader cut six wagonloads of silver loose and pushed them into Hendricks Lake. But remember Lafittes black dogs are still around dont go a hunting unless you are prepared to suffer the consequences. That set off a huge treasure hunting stampede. The smuggling operations of the well-known privateer eventually came to a screeching halt, though, when the United States began enforcing the embargo in New Orleans city limits some time after the act passed. The basic story is that in 1816 silver stolen by pirate Jean Lafitte from the Spanish brig Santa Rosa was being moved north from Matagorda Bay to St. Louis, Missouri, for disposal. residents of Texas have claimed that the treasure was buried somewhere along Do you have Theres quite a bit of back story on this one which can be read on Texas Monthly. But I am humored by the following observations : 1) have you ever noticed that when these fabled treasures are discussed, that the past tense of the word "find" is invariably always used. The People claim that a $2 million fortune stolen from the Spanish by Jean Lafitte was buried in the Sabine River. Every penny counts! About 229 treasure sites are spread across the Lone Star State, and some are even accessible to the public with permission from the landowners. To this day, It's incredible to think that just under the peaceful water lurks enough treasure to change your life! And where? He sold those at his location The Temple. The money that he sold them for was Spanish Coin, Reales usually in 2,4,8 denominations, minted in Mexico. Jean Laffite (sometimes spelled Lafitte) was a pirate and the subject of many stories of romance and adventure across the Gulf of Mexico during the early 19th We report on vital issues from politics to education and are the indispensable authority on the Texas scene, covering everything from music to cultural events with insightful recommendations. States officials granted him legal authority to pirate and capture British Jean Lafitte: Mystery of the Unfound Treasure, History of Louisianas State Bird: The Brown Pelican, Jacques St. Germain, The Infamous Louisiana Vampire. To him it is the Chase and the history. Discovering history is part of the adventure, and that never ends. My Grandpa told me often when I was very young that everyone thought that Lafittes fort was on Grand Isle, but it never was. The Mexican government promised the Indians a large sum of money if they could defeat the Texans, but upon the realization that that was not going to happen, they buried the gold and silver and ran. "Lafitte provided the perfect subject for the first American Gothic romance novel that came out in 1836, entitled 'Lafitte, the Pirate,' " said Robert Vogel, an archaeologist from St. Paul, Minn. Vogel has studied Lafitte for 25 years and has written many articles about him in academic journals. But the treasure is in my best belief to be in Galveston. Jean Lafitte The treasure already found was Spanish Silver, not Gold. Throughout Lafittes Peter Walker Adams lived in one of the houses on the hill near the lake and figured prominently in many of the newspaper stories. The story goes that wagon loads of silver "I think he came up through this cut to find cypress trees to repair his boats and sometimes would stash ships here to hide them, taking them into the shallowest waters that he could get," he says. Some Its off 435 about 12 miles from where he fled imprisonment to the Pearl River. On the edge of this little-known Chambers County lake off the Trinity about 35 miles east of Houston, Jack wants to show where a ship sank in the 1800s. Comparatively few of lthe Mexican War veterans are now alive. WebPerhaps not coincidentally, this was the same area where his former slave trading colleague Jean Lafitte had once had his headquarters. Probably inside the hidden stairs that went to the first floor of his mason rouge. Between 1821 and 1828, Mexico issued many laws restricting or outlawing slavery. They then filled in the shaft. Skip Hollandsworth specializes in long-form narratives. More maps appeared showing various locations of a lost silver mine. Louisiana State University alumnus (Geaux Tigers), fanatic of all things sports, pugs, and Star Wars, and teller of the occasional dad joke. If you prefer to read about the explorations of others instead, we have you covered. Do you think you could find them? The story revolves around oil fields in Texas, USA. When one of the recent landowners near the lake sold their property to the mining company, they inserted a treasure clause that reserves the rights to one-half of any treasure trove found on the Property by Purchaser. There will always be true believers in the treasure legend of Hendricks Lake. He landed ships at Grand Terre and Cheniere, and then brought the merchandise to The Temple to be auctioned. What about you? OnlyInYourState may earn compensation through affiliate links in this article. Bass allegedly marked the spot with a rock in the fork of a tree, according to Lone Star Treasure.